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You can reach us at:

ISEA Retirees
1548 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62702-4735
Phone: (217) 698-6070, (217) 698-6087
Fax: (217) 698-6079


Election Time For ISEA Retirees Board of Directors

ISEA Retirees will hold an election for current Board Directors whose terms expire in 2016. The Board presently consists of officers President John Coady, Vice-President Geraldine Johnson and Secretary John Mundstock. Directors Rudy Kink, Eugene Bloch, and Philip Novak are seeking reelection for 2 year terms.

To be eligible to serve, you must be in good standing with the Association, have been a member for four consecutive preceding years and must not be a member of a competing retired employees organization or association. Board members are required to attend the Board of Directors meetings in Springfield. ISEA Retires asks those members who meet the before mentioned criteria and who may be interested in serving on the Board of Directors to complete the nomination form and return it to our office by January 11, 2016. The elections will take place by January 20, 2016.

You may call the office to speak to the Nomination Committee with any concerns. You may read about the Election on our website: and if you are interested in serving on the Board, please return the form to:

Attention: Nomination Committee
1548 West Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62702

Nomination Form
I wish to serve as a Director on the ISEA Retirees Board of Directors.
Name: ___________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________
Telephone Number: ___________________________________________
My ISEA Retirees membership began in the year: __________
Your History: Please include a biographical paragraph or history of yourself.


ISEA Retirees Board of Directors
John P. Coady, President
Geraldine Johnson, Vice President
John Mundstock, Secretary
Rudy J. Kink, Jr.
Eugene Bloch
Philip Novak

ISEA Retirees Staff
Rudy, J. Kink, Jr., Executive/Retirement Director
Mary Lou Thomas, Insurance Director
Susan Cooperider, Office Manager
Tom Ryder, Lobbyist



1548 West Jefferson Street Springfield, IL 62702   Tel: 217-698-6070   Fax: 217-698-6079