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Frequently Asked Questions

Will ISEA Retirees help me with insurance questions or help me get a claim paid?

Yes, we will make certain the claims have been submitted to Medicare (when applicable) and to your insurance plans, following your health administrator's regulations. We have an experienced Insurance Division to help ISEA Retiree members with insurance matters or to file claim appeals when required.

Do I have coverage for a hearing aid and exam?

Coverage for these services can vary depending on whether you retired as a teacher, university or state retiree. Please contact your insurance carrier at the telephone number listed on the back of your insurance card to ascertain your eligibility for these benefits. To avoid the frustrations of being put on hold or with leaving messages when calling your insurance company, you may call ISEA Retirees.

Do I have coverage if I vacation outside the state in which I live?

If you have insurance coverage other than the state's United Health Care Plan (UHC), you should consult your insurance company for eligibility of out of network services. UHC may cover services outside of Illinois and within the continental United States.

Do I have insurance coverage when I travel outside of the U.S.?

Although United Health Care (UHC) may cover emergency services outside the Continental U.S. at a hospital, we suggest you check by calling UHC at the number listed on your insurance card.  For other insurance carriers, please check with them by calling the telephone number listed on your insurance card.  If the hospital does not submit your claims, ISEA Retirees will assist you in filing your medical claims to your insurance companies once you return home and we will monitor the claims until they are resolved.

Whom do I contact when my spouse dies?

The Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) and the appropriate Retirement System. The telephone number and address for specific Retirement Systems may be found below:

State Employees Retirement System
2101 South Veterans Parkway
P. O. Box 19255Springfield, IL 62794-9255
(217) 785-7444

State University Retirement System
1901 Fox Drive
P. O. Box 2710
Champaign, IL 61825-2710
(217) 378-8800 (800) 275-7877

General Assembly Retirement System
2101 South Veterans Parkway,
P.O. Box 19255
Springfield, IL 62794-9255
(217) 782-8500

Judges' Retirement System
2101 South Veterans Parkway
P. O. Box 19255
Springfield, IL 62794-9255
(217) 782-8500

Teachers Retirement System
2815 West Washington
P. O. Box 19253
Springfield, IL 62794-9253
(217) 753-0311 (800) 877-7896




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